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(Flanders, Belgium)

 Friendship and Cooperation Agreement

signed in 1996


 Cooperation takes place in cultural, sporting and social fields.

     Contacts between young people and other non-governmental organizations are being developed. International student and youth camps are held every August (23rd in 2019). There is the Jurbarkas Friends' Society ELE in Laakdal and the Europe-Jurbarkas-Europa Friendship Society in Jurbarkas.







Agreement signed in 1999



  In 1999-2006, there was a high level of cooperation in the fields of education, culture, tourism, social, small and medium business. Delegations were exchanged.

     In 2007 as a result of the municipal restructuring in Denmark, Bogense became part of the new municipality of Nordfyn and lost the opportunity to continue its cooperation. However, up to now, NGOs from the city of Bogense and the Jurbarkas area have been cooperating and there are a number of individual contacts.



The Vale of Glamorgan

(Wales, Great Britain)

 Friendship and Cooperation Agreement

signed in 1998



     From 1998 to 2012, there was active cooperation in the field of education and business. Exchange of official delegations took place.

     Since 2012 there is more remote communication. There are individual relationships between some institutions and individuals.





 Cooperation Agreement

signed in 2000



 There is cooperation in the fields of culture, education, sport, business and others. Cultural exchange programs for young people are ongoing.

     Each year in September Jurbarkas art groups participate in the traditional Frank folk festival. There are also annual visits by official delegations to partner cities.

     Crailsheim has an active committee for cooperation with the municipality of Jurbarkas.  







 Friendship and Cooperation Agreement

signed in 2000



  There is active cooperation in the fields of culture, education, sport, tourism, economics and business. Joint projects are being prepared, which are financed not only by both municipalities, but also by the European Union Structural Funds.

     Especially successful and useful cooperation is between municipal firefighters.

     Lots of people from Jurbarkas love to visit Ryn and have holidays in its country.





  (Berlin, Germany

 Cooperation Agreement

signed in 2003



  The main areas of cooperation are cultural development, promotion of educational and educational innovations, youth occupation, social issues. Official delegations exchange every year, who usually also attend major cultural and social events.

      Every three years, both partners confirm the continuity of the cooperation and draw up an agreement on common spheres of activity (currently the 2018-2020 cooperation agreement is in force).





Cooperation and Partnership Agreement

signed in 2006


 Experience in education, culture and tourism is being exchanged, cooperation between educational and cultural institutions is being developed, youth exchanges are being initiated. Art groups participate in city festivals.





 Cooperation  Agreement

signed in 2019


   Since 2013 very active joint activities have begun between the two municipalities: exchange of delegations, meetings and discussions not only in Hainuvka and Jurbarkas, but also with their joint partners in Berlin; art and sports groups are introduced to municipal communities.

     Municipalities plan to promote the exchange of achievements and information on cultural, sports, tourism, education, environmental, economic innovation; they will participate in cultural festivals, sporting events, fairs and industry conferences, will support cooperation, joint initiatives and projects with additional financial support from the European Union.








     Jurbarkas “Ąžuoliukas” school has started cooperation with educational institutions of Lannach municipality in the implementation of international projects since 2008. In 2015 by the initiative of the schools of both countries the  official delegation from Lannach municipality visited Jurbarkas. In 2016 the delegation from  Jurbarkas Municipality and representatives of  Jurbarkas Union of Businessmen met in Lannach to discuss social and business issues and agreed that it would be appropriate to establish friendships between the two municipalities.

































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