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Vision of Jurbarkas district municipality - Jurbarkas district is an attractive place to live, visit and invest. The Nemunas region with preserved history, culture and nature.


The municipality has approved a strategic development plan for 2016–2026, which foresees three priority areas of activity:

I – Increasing of economic competitiveness;

II - Improving the quality of living conditions in society;

III - Sustainable development of territories and infrastructure.


The first priority area focuses on creating favourable conditions for business development and investment attraction, efficient use of the tourism potential of the district and increasing the competitiveness of agriculture and the attractiveness of the countryside.


Jurbarkas district municipality is very closely connected with Tauragė, Kaunas and Marijampolė counties’ municipalities in terms of infrastructure, social and economic relations.


The territory of Jurbarkas district covers 1507 sq. km. 35 percent of these areas are forests. According to the data of January 1, 2020, the population is 27894. The largest town is Jurbarkas, where on January 1, 2020 there were 10338 inhabitants. The municipality has 2 towns, seven townships and 355 villages. Jurbarkas is located by the largest river in Lithuania, the Nemunas, which flows for about 70 kilometres along the very picturesque territory of Jurbarkas district and makes this region even more attractive.


The natural environment and landscape of Jurbarkas region are very favourable for recreation and tourism. There are excellent conditions for the development of tourism and river shipping. Jurbarkas district is crossed by an inland waterway of international significance Kaunas – Klaipėda on the Nemunas River. This road through Klaipeda port connects central Lithuania with the international routes of the Western European inland water system.


There are great prospects for the establishment of enterprises in the area that provide services to agriculture and are closely related to agricultural activities, as most of the working age population works in agriculture.


The main traffic flows in Jurbarkas district are carried out by land. Railway infrastructure is not developed. The northern part of Jurbarkas district is crossed by 10.2 km long railway route Radviliškis – Pagėgiai. Currently, there are 4 stationary and 3 mobile docks for small ships in Jurbarkas district. One stationary pier is suitable for loading construction materials, the others for transporting passengers.


Dominant industries in Jurbarkas are: wood processing, production of building materials, construction works, transportation services, production of agricultural products, production and sale of meat products, construction of electricity transmission lines, sewing, confectionery production, retail.


At the beginning of 2020, there were 580 companies operating in Jurbarkas district. The largest companies of Jurbarkas district are: LTD “Žilinskis ir ko”, M. Stankevičius firm “Manvesta”, LTD “Jurlota”, LTD “Dainiai”, LTD “Jurmelsta”, LTD “Jurbarkai meat”, LTD “SCAN trade”, R. Pinaitis’ individual  enterprise and others.


Business information is provided by Jurbarkas Tourism and Business and Information Centre located at Vydūno str. 19, Jurbarkas (website - http://www.jurbarkotic.lt).


Additional information on business and investment opportunities can be found in Lithuanian on the website of Jurbarkas District Municipality https://www.jurbarkas.lt/index.php?3920507907:

► „Žemės sklypai“  (“Land plots”),

► „Viešame aukcione parduodamo Jurbarko rajono savivaldybės nekilnojamojo turto sąrašas“ (“List of assets of  Real Estate sold at public auction in  Jurbarkas District Municipality“),

►  „Galimybių studijos” (“Feasibility studies”),

►  „Investiciniai projektai“ (“Investment projects”).


Jurbarkas district municipality seeks to create the most favourable conditions for small and medium-sized businesses and is open to all investments.


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