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Jurbarkas district municipality is located in the southwestern part of Lithuania, extending about 70 kilometres along the largest river of Lithuania Nemunas.

The area is 1507 sq. km. Even 35 percent of municipal territories are occupied by forests. Half of the forest stand is coniferous, the rest is mixed and deciduous. In the western part of the district there is Viešvilė Reserve, and in the vicinity there is a beautiful oak tree planted by the Germans more than 100 years ago, where the tallest (even 37 meters high) Lithuanian oak grows. The Panemuniai Regional Park stretches on the eastern side of the district.
Jurbarkas was first mentioned in written sources in 1259, when the Crusaders built Georgenburg Castle, which later became Jurgenburg.

On 4th November 1611, the King of Poland and the Grand Duke of Lithuania Zigmantas III (Zigmantas Vaza) granted Jurbarkas the rights and coat of arms of Magdeburg (three white lilies on a red panel).


In the spring of 1990, after Lithuania regained its independence, Jurbarkas received the status of Jurbarkas District Municipality. Since 1995, when Lithuania was divided into ten counties, Jurbarkas District Municipality belongs to Tauragė County.

Jurbarkas District Municipality is divided into twelve elderships: Eržvilkas, Girdžiai, Jurbarkai, Jurbarkas town, Juodaičiai, Raudonė, Seredžius, Skirsnemunė, Smalininkai, Šimkaičiai, Veliuona and Viešvilė. In the municipality there are two towns (Jurbarkas and Smalininkai), seven townships (Eržvilkas, Raudonė, Seredžius, Šimkaičiai, Vadžgirys, Veliuona and Viešvilė) and 355 villages.

According to the data of 31 December 2019 , 27 894 (28 536 in 2018) people  declared their place of residence in Jurbarkas district.

In 2019 there was a decrease in the number of departures to live abroad. 301 person left (382 in 2018). People from  Jurbarkas area have left to live in 27 countries worldwide: the United Kingdom (93), Germany (75), Norway (36), Iceland, the United States, Canada, Malta, Lebanon, Portugal, Mexico, Tunisia and others. People from 12 foreign countries came to live in Jurbarkas: Ukraine (12), Belarus (10), Russia (4), Germany (3), one from the United States, United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Poland, Portugal, Finland, Turkey, Uzbekistan.

Jurbarkas district municipality is a Lithuanian region, as over 98% of the population is Lithuanians. German, Ukrainian, Byelorussian, Jewish, Polish, Russian and other people also live there. The majority of the community in Jurbarkas district, about 85 percent, are Roman Catholics. About 4 percent of the believers are Evangelical Lutherans.

From ethnographic and cultural point of view, Jurbarkas district is one of the most unique in Lithuania, as it combines three different ethnic regions – Small Lithuania , Lower Lithuania and Higher Lithuania. When traveling around Jurbarkas, it is easy to see the difference in architecture, traditions, lifestyle and language, even the peculiarities of culinary heritage. The people of  Jurbarkas region protect such exclusivity. And for the guest it is the best to feel it during the traditional Jurbarkas Country Festival, which takes place every year in late August.

Seven cultural institutions (5 cultural centres, a library with a number of branches, and Jurbarkas Regional Museum) protect unique traditions and foster culture.

There are 239 cultural heritage values in Jurbarkas district, including 38 archaeological sites, 12 historical and memorial sites, 16 buildings, 12 building complexes and others. Exceptional buildings - Raudonė and Panemunė castles.

A new attraction for the public and guests is the Jurbarkas Synagogue Square Memorial established in 2019, which commemorates one of the most beautiful wooden synagogues in the world and recalls Jurbarkas residents, Lithuanians and Jews’, life history and community.









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